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Before heading to an open house, be sure you know what to look for in the home. Instead of focusing on how it's decorated, pay attention to the details that matter.

Know What to Look for During an Open House

An open house is a great way of getting a closer look at a home you're considering purchasing. From getting to experience the layout of the home firsthand to getting to tour it at your own pace and with less pressure, there are tons of benefits to open houses. However, it's also easy to focus on how well the home is staged and lose focus on other details that are more important. To prevent this from happening, show up knowing exactly what to look for. To help you out, check out these tips from Schutt Law.

Look Closely at Tiling

The tiling in a home may not be something you think to look at, but it can reveal some things you may not have noticed otherwise. Take a close look at the tiling in the kitchen, the bathroom, and even floor tiles. If there are weird gaps in between tiles or they're uneven, chances are this was a DIY job that was rushed. While DIY home projects aren't always bad, if there are signs that indicate they weren't completed carefully this can lead to home issues in the near future.

Is There Enough Closet Space?

Closet space may not sound like a big deal now, but if you move into a home that doesn't have enough space for all of your belongings, it can get annoying very fast. Check the bedrooms to ensure they have closet space and look for additional storage space for linens and other household items that will need to be stored. Check that the kitchen has enough cabinet space and pantry space for all of your belongings. While you can add extra storage space, this will be another thing to consider before deciding if the home is right for you.

Test the Windows

Windows are another feature that may seem small and almost insignificant, but the truth is that they're quite important. Open the blinds and take a look at the window frames. If they're crooked or if the windows have a hard time opening, this can be because of a small issue or this can even point to a larger problem with the foundation. Don't forget to also look out for holes around the windows are old caulking that is no longer doing its job. Keep in mind that windows are generally small, but they can be quite expensive to replace. Before purchasing your new home, be sure you have title insurance in Fort Myers to protect your investment. To get title insurance that will give you the best protection, contact Schutt Law. To learn more about their title services, give them a call at (239) 540-7007.

Look out for Mold

While you can get a closer look at a home during an open house, you also can't walk around it inspecting every nook and cranny like a home inspector. Focus on inspecting the areas that you know are more prone to showing signs on mold, such as the bathroom, basement, or kitchen. In the bathroom, don't be afraid to inspect the bathtub or shower, the sink, and under the sink. Check the basement for musty odors and for a humid environment which will inevitably lead to mold growth. Don't forget to also look up and check the ceiling for black or grey spots.

Know How to Detect Water Damage

If the home has suffered water damage, you can be sure the seller has done their best to cover this up. A musty odor and water lines running down the walls or on the ceiling will be clear signs that there has been some type of water issue in the home. It's also a good idea to check under rugs for signs on pooled water or stained floors. You will also want to check exposed pipes for mold, leaks, and water stains which can indicate there are issues with the pipes that can lead to flooding in the future.

Was Maintenance Neglected?

Sellers will do their best to present their home as an impeccable living space, but this isn't always reality. If the seller hasn't kept up with maintenance through the years, a new coat of paint and new appliances won't be enough to hide this. Leaky faucets, dry patches on the lawn, faded paint, an old roof, and other small signs all point to neglected maintenance. Keep in mind that these are only signs on the surface, so it may be worse once you start looking into other systems.

Get Title Insurance in Fort Myers

Protect your home investment by purchasing title insurance before closing on the home. Get your title search started today to make sure there are no clouds in the title that can jeopardize your rights to ownership. To get started, contact Schutt Law at (239) 540-7007.