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How to Expedite Your Mortgage Application

With so much conflicting information circulating about mortgage applications and requirements, the thought of applying can be overwhelming.  In this post, Shutt Law Firm in Fort Myers will share some tips to put you in a better position when meeting your mortgage lender.

Clean up financial discrepancies

The first thing to do when considering a mortgage is to see what financial position you are in. Obtain a copy of your credit report and credit score and thoroughly inspect all of the information and applications listed. If you notice a credit application that doesn't look right or a telephone number/address that isn't familiar, report it straight away to your credit reporting bureaus for immediate investigation and resolution. Your potential lender will see your credit score as a reflection of your eligibility to borrow, so ensure it only represents financial transactions made directly by you.

How to Speed up Your Mortgage Application

Imagine a day in the life of a mortgage lender and think about just how much paperwork they process every day. To expedite your application, make all  processes as easy as possible for your lender. Ask about any information or applications they require prior to your first meeting, such as a completed title search. Lenders are likely to require this, along with issued title insurance to provide security that there are no undisclosed claims that could be made against your home, and in turn, their investment.

Title Insurance in Fort Myers

Meet your lender with confidence and show them you are an organized applicant by arranging a professional and thorough title search and subsequent issue of title insurance in Fort Myers. Speak with a title search professional on 239 540 7007 and ask us about how we can help protect the ownership of your new home.