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The Benefits of Title Insurance in Cypress Lake

Given the magnitude of investing in a home, taking steps to ensure its security is at the forefront of every home buyer's mind. From the physical structure to the contents, keeping your home protected is a number one priority. Aside from these important measures, there is an additional step that savvy home buyers take to further their level of financial security. If you are about to start looking for a home or you are proceeding through the closing steps then Schutt Law knows the position you're in. To help you better understand how you can further protect your property and yourself, Schutt Law has prepared a great list of top 10 reasons to get Title Insurance in Cypress Lake.

Tax Lein Against Your Title

In instances where a property owner has a debt owed to a federal tax agency and has opted to make repayments against this debt, a tax lein is placed against the title. Should any of the repayments stop, the tax agent will move for an immediate foreclosure, whether you are residing in the property or not. A preventable event, title insurance in Cypress Lake is the prime way to insure against this occurring thanks to the thorough title search that is completed prior to a policy being drawn up.

Fraudulent Documents

While all of the documents involved in your current and potential transfer have been verified as true and correct, there may be documents used for previous title transfers that were were falsified for the purpose of a fraudulent transfer. In the event this is uncovered, the transfer involved can be deemed invalid.

Expired Power of Attorney

In this instance, all paperwork involved regarding the direct transfer of the title may be correct, however an authority, such as a Power of Attorney used may have been expired at the time of the transfer.

Court Proceedings

Unless you're well versed in title research, court proceedings can be a difficult item to uncover. A professional title insurance agent has the investigative skills required to discover if the title is currently under contention. If left uncovered, once the court has made its decision the ownership of your title can be revoked and the property foreclosed for recovery.

Uncontacted Heirs

One of the surprising coverages included with title insurance in Cypress Lake is protection against instances where an heir is not notified at the time of transfer and, now aware, raises a legitimate claim against your title.

Prevent Buying Debt

Home titles can provide a great form of collateral when applying for credit, and are often secured against smaller purchases such as cars or a debt consolidation loan. In the event that this goes unnoticed and transfer to you occurs, ownership of your title depends on the repayments continuing.  If a previous owner ceases making payment against their arrangement, the credit is in a position to claim ownership of your property and retain funds when the next organic transfer occurs.

Speed up Negotiations

When there are multiple and similar homes for sale, having a pre-prepared title search can raise the appeal of your property as buyers utilizing a mortgage will be required to obtain such a search to satisfy their title insurance provider requirements. If you are looking for a way to speed up the sale of your home, look to title insurance. If you are looking to speed up the sale of your negotiations, speak with a professional at Schutt Law on 239 540 7007 and arrange your title search today.

A Thorough Investigation

The rate of payment for a titie insurance provider is remarkably low for one reason - they are good at their jobs.  Qualified title insurance agents such as Schutt Law remain committed to ensuring any issues or concerns regarding your title are uncovered and addressed prior to settlement. If you undertake a title search, you can feel confident that the property you are purchasing poses little risk in the future.

A One Time Fee

Unlike regular policies that you may hold, title insurance has no ongoing payments. Once a title search has been completed, as assessment is made and a thorough policy is drawn up, title insurance in Cypress Lake is provided for a one-time fee, paid before closing. There are no ongoing premiums, whilst the coverage and protection remain intact.

The Easiest Way to Protect Your Investment

Last, but certainly not least, title insurance in Cypress Lake is the easiest way to protect your investment and provide peace of mind during your ownership and enjoyment of your property, even as it passes through your family. Title insurance is able to protect you against these, and many more issues that can arise during the transfer of a title.

Title Insurance in Cypress Lake

It's no surprise with the above listed concerns, and many more unlisted, buyers are looking obtain a further level of protection when purchasing a home. For these buyers, title insurance in Tampa, FL is available to give these buyers a level of peace of mind that doesn't come with buying a property without due diligence. If protecting your property and your investment is important to you, get more information by calling 239 540 7007. All title insurance agents at Schutt Law are able to answer any questions you have about title insurance in Cypress Lake and the benefits that it can provide.