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How to Make the Move Into Your Dream Home a Dream

After an extensive amount of time searching, researching and negotiating, you've finally found your dream home and the process has begun to secure your property and arrange for settlement. And while this can be a relaxing time for some soon-to-be homeowners after a period of stress, for savvy homebuyers, it's the time to get ready to move. If you are looking to take advantage of this time to get ready for your move but you aren't sure where to start, then you've come to the right lace. With experiencing helping homeowners just like yourself secure their dream home with the best title insurance rates in Villas, Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency has an article full of tips to helping you plan for a smooth move.

Time to Reduce

Whether you're moving into a smaller house where you simply can't take everything which you've accumulated or you're simply looking for new memories to create in a new home, moving is the best time to get rid of items which you may no longer need or even want. Take some time to give everything a second think when moving through your home and packing your items. If you haven't used it in the past three months, it's likely it doesn't have a place in your new home.

Over-Book Your Movers

Hiring a professional moving company is almost always a good idea, especially when precious and fragile items are involved, however, they can also be costly. What many homeowners aren't aware of, however, is that the majority of their fees are due to owners booking less time than is required. When a mover takes on a job, they plan the rest of the day and other jobs around it. If yours takes longer than you booked, they need to cancel the next job, passing this cost on to you.

Stay Organized

Arrange to have your empty boxes delivered a week earlier and place large stickers on them with a room number and room name. Attach a list to these boxes which include every item you place in it. If possible, keep a digital copy of these lists which can allow you to easily search through your boxes in the event you need an item prior to your move. Before you move, visit your new home and place corresponding stickers on the doors to help the movers identify where each box needs to go.

Get Competitive Title Insurance Rates Prior to Your Settlement

With the excitement of finding a new home and the hassle of moving, many homeowners fail to obtain an extensive title insurance policy. Available only prior to settlement, speak with Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency at 239 540 7007 and get competitive rates on your title insurance. Alternatively, our website features a real estate calculator to help you plan for your costs.

Prepare Your New Home With the Basics

Just because you move everything on the one day doesn't mean that it will all be set up on that day. A few days before your move, take basic items to your new home such as toilet paper, garbage bags, soap, towels, and sheets. Having these items to allow you to relax and sleep that night can be the difference between a restful first night, and an angry one. Additionally, pack and label a box full of entertaining items such as board games or electronic devices to easily identify as you are sorting through your boxes upon arrival.

Move Your Pets Later

If you have pets, it's best to find somebody or a service to take care of them for the moving day, and potentially the next day to set up. While your new home may be pet-friendly, the moving experience isn't, and the last thing you want are your pets running around the feet of your movers as they are trying to take care moving your fragile and precious items. If you aren't able to find somebody to mind them, consider moving them first and setting up a space for them in your new home where they will be out of harms way.

Title Insurance in Target and Buying Real Estate Go Hand in Hand

If you're buying real estate in Villas then the smart choice is to get title insurance in Villas. Speak with a reputable title insurance agency such as Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency at 239 540 7007 and gain financial peace of mind that the title of your home has been investigated to confirm there are no outstanding claims. In addition to this, a comprehensive policy can be purchased to ensure that, should any undisclosed claims be raised, you are your home ownership are financially protected.