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If you're ready to sell your home but don't know how to stage it because it's empty, you have nothing to worry about. These simple tips and tricks can help you get it done on a budget.

How to Stage an Empty House

An empty home may not be ideal if you're trying to sell it, but it may also be unrealistic for some sellers to invest in staging a home. After all, home staging can end up costing a pretty penny. Before giving up all hope, use these simple tips to stage your empty home and sell it in no time.

Fresh Paint

You may not have furniture to stage your home, but the walls will still be there. Since potential buyers have such a clear view of them, be sure these are spotless and looking great. If your home currently has a mishmash of different wall colors, it may be time for a new coat of paint. Since neutral wall colors perform better with potential buyers, it's a great idea to give your walls a fresh coat of a neutral tone. Since neutral tones aren't bold and in your face, they allow potential buyers to have an easier time living in the space and making it their own.

Let in Some Light

The light in a room has the potential to change the entire feel of the space. Turn all of the lights on in the home and make sure all of the light fixtures have lightbulbs in them. After that, you'll want to be sure that your current bulbs give off a warm, soft light that will give your home a more inviting and welcoming feel. Light bulbs that give off a harsh, white light will only make the space look more abandoned, barren, and cold. If you have curtains or blinds up in the home, open these during showings. Sunlight can help to warm up any room, so make the most of the sun when it's out. When you're ready to sell your home, be sure title insurance in Fort Myers is included in your sale. If you're not sure why title insurance is a must, contact the title insurance experts at Schutt Law at (239) 540-7007.

Small Touches That Go a Long Way

You may not have a ton to invest in your home's staging, and that's fine. If you do have a small budget for it, use this to gather some small items that make a large difference. You may even be able to borrow some items from friends or family to help you save your budget for other items. Give the kitchen a more welcoming look by adding a vase with fresh flowers to the countertops. Borrow floor lamps from a friend to light up a space that doesn't get much natural sunlight. Hang shower curtain in the bathroom to make it look less abandoned and dreary. These things may seem small and insignificant, but they can make your home look more loved and lived in.

Start With the Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is what makes the first impression on buyers, so make time to fix up the outside of your home. You won't need furniture for this or much more than some time to clean and tidy up. Start by getting your lawn lush and trim since this can impact the overall look of your home's exterior. A lawn that has been taken care of will also look easier to maintain, so potential buyers won't be scared away. Garden areas should also be cleaned up and watered. After this, take a look at your home's light fixtures. Make sure all of the lights work and that your home is well-illuminated after sundown. Repaint your house numbers so that they're clearly visible from the curb and add a fresh count of paint to key items like your front door and the trim around the windows.

Focus on the Main Rooms

If you have a little bit of money to spend on staging, this can take you far. You don't have to stage the entire home, so focus your efforts on the most important rooms in the home. The master bedroom will be important to potential buyers, so get this space looking cozy and inviting. The living room will be another major room potential buyers will want to see. Stage this to look inviting so that potential buyers can picture themselves cozying up in this space. If your budget allows, stage the dining area as well.

Purchase Title Insurance in Fort Myers

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