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Do you believe in love at first sight? How about hate at first sight? First impressions matter so much, especially when selling a house. The first thing a potential buyer looks at is the exterior of the real estate, whether it is in a photo or in person. Do you think your home is appealing to buyers? Curb appeal is important because it should reflect what they will find inside. Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency in Cypress Lake has prepared this post for you to help you out with your real estate’s curb appeal. While you’re sorting out the exterior, you should think about your home’s history and get title insurance as well. When thinking about curb appeal you should consider the following:

It All Begins Online

People usually start looking for real estate online. You shouldn’t just prepare your home for open houses or when you’re expecting someone to come and see it. When buyers are surfing the web for a house a good or a bad photograph is what gets them hooked. When you upload photos of your home, make sure they are great. Overcast days are perfect for exterior photos because there isn’t a lot of sunlight which can affect the quality of the photos.

Think Like a Buyer

Pretend you are the person who is interested in buying your place. If were them, what would you change about the house? Walk around the exterior of your home and take notes. Write down what needs to be repaired, cleaned, replaced, or thrown away.  Drive by in the morning and at night, you might catch a detail that you hadn’t noticed before, like some missing shingles on the roof.

Second Opinions Matter

As a homeowner you are probably used to the little imperfections around your home. Maybe the cobwebs on the porch don’t bother you anymore or the cracked and chipped paint on the front door and steps are things you don’t even consider by now. This is why it’s a good idea to bring in a fresh pair of eyes to remind you what needs to be fixed. Remember to stick to your budget. Since you are selling your house, it should look good but you shouldn’t invest a lot of money into fixing it unless it's necessary. Consider getting title insurance for your home before you really get into selling it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency is a great choice for title insurance in Cypress Lake. If you are not sure what that’s all about, why don’t you call them up? Their number is (239) 540-7007.

Tips For Improving Your Curb Appeal in Cypress Lake

Once you’ve got the photos and the basic idea of what you should change, you should follow these tips:

The Numbers Count

Everyone hates to struggle looking for the house number. Don’t let your potential buyers go through that annoyance. This is the time to spruce up your house numbers. You can make them bigger and bolder, modern, elegant, simple, or Prarie-style, the possibilities are endless. Your house numbers should go along with the concept you have for your home. If it’s country chic, use tiles, if it’s modern, use a sans serif font.

Let There Be Light

A little bit of light can make a great impact on your home’s curb appeal. Add some light fixtures to your walkway or hang some lights on trees. Solar fixtures are a great and affordable option if you want something that doesn’t need wires.

Add Some Nature

Plants can really make a place change. Big bushes and leaves all over will make your house look unkempt. On the other hand, pretty flowers, trimmed bushes, and green grass will make the place look amazing. Add some seasonal flowers or maybe some herbs that you can use in the kitchen later. If there’s not really a garden area in your house, you can also place potted plants outside.

A Glimpse Inside

No one wants their privacy to be invaded, but giving buyers a tiny peek inside your home could be beneficial. Open up the curtains, shutters, or blinds. A home filled with light sells faster, and that is a fact. Besides, open curtains look better from the outside. You don’t have to keep them open all the time, but it would be great to do it from time to time.

Color It

It goes without saying an attractive paint color works wonders. If painting the whole house is too much, paint the door a nice shade. Try to match the place’s current color to cover paint chips and cracks.

Looking to Get Title Insurance For Your Home?

Getting title insurance for your home is also an important part of the selling process. It keeps you safe against possible lawsuits after you’ve sold off the place. Give Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency a call at (239) 540-7007 and they will guide you through the title insurance process in Cypress Lake.