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Smooth out Those Moving Bumps

It doesn't matter whether it's one mile or fifty, moving house can be a dramatic and exhausting process. In this post, let Schutt Law lean on our experience and share a few tips to smooth out any bumps in your next move. 

Start With the Undesirable

Moving is the best time to throw out any old items or furniture pieces that you have been holding on to for years for 'that special purpose'. Go through your home and consider what you have and haven't used in the past 12 months. If you haven't used it recently, tag it with a red dot to be donated instead of packed away.

But What If...?

Okay - so you aren't quite ready to throw something out just yet? If you've been saving it for somebody in particular, see if they have use for it now to save you taking it with you. Alternatively, If you have items that are in too good condition to throw away, consider holding a yard sale and making some extra cash to help with the move.

Find a Nearby Charity

If you are looking to donate furniture to charity, look for a nearby service that can also collect your furniture. Have them attend alongside your regular movers to collect all of your 'red dot' items.

Title Insurance in Fort Myers, FL

Now that you know what you will and won't be taking to your new home, it's time to take care of the home ownership paperwork. Take the time to perform a thorough title search to discover any claims that could be raised against your home which title insurance in Fort Myers, FL can protect again. Speak with a professional at Schutt Law on 239 540 7007 and ask about the benefits of title insurance in Fort Myers, FL.