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Keep reading this post by Schutt Law in Fort Myers to learn more about getting your rental deposit back if your lease is about to expire and you don't want to renew it.

Once the lease period ends, the owner must return the rental deposit as a guarantee when signing the lease. Each lease will specify the cases in which the landlord will have to return the deposit, but the most common reason for returning it is when the property is undamaged. Use these tips suggested by Schutt Law to get your rental deposit back after your lease ends.

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Do a Detailed Home Inspection upon Move-In

When the owner gives you the keys to the property, you should carefully review it to see the conditions of the installation. Take photographs or videos of the property and send them to the landlord; they'll serve as a backup when the rental contract ends. By doing so, you'll be avoiding paying damages that are already in the home while ensuring the return of the rental deposit from the moment you move in.

Review the Lease Carefully

If you want to end the lease or if it's soon to expire, you must examine the following procedures:

Verify the Stipulated Clauses

It's convenient to keep them in mind if you committed any infraction where the owner didn't proceed immediately; he can do so once the contract ends and claim compensation for damages.

Leave the Property Spotless Before Moving

The housing must remain as described in the contract and analyze what cancellation conditions may exist. In case you want to cancel early, you must take responsibility for your obligations as a tenant. It's imperative to examine the lease if you are looking to get your rental deposit back.

Read about Leasing Laws

The owner can be protected by the leasing laws of the city where the property is located. Therefore, you must also protect yourself by researching the rights of the tenants. This step will make a big difference for the return of the rental deposit in case you comply with everything stipulated in the contract.

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Clean and Repair Damages

When it's time to move in, it is crucial to clean the property and repair damaged areas thoroughly. Pay attention to windows, floors, and ceilings. Don't forget to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms before handing over the home, as it'll prevent your landlord from charging you extra. Moreover, repair damages that arose during the time you lived in the property. Invest time and money to leave the property as you received it. By doing so, you will be securing your rental deposit. If you made improvements that are useful and permanent for the use of the house, the owner would be obliged to pay if he authorized them.  Don't forget that if modifications are made without the owner's consent, the owner can claim compensation for damages and use the rental deposit to make repairs or force the tenant to restore things to their previous state. It's the owner's responsibility to keep the property in suitable conditions to be inhabited.

Pay on Time

In return for the rental deposit, it's essential to have paid on the dates stipulated in the lease.

Request a Debt Validation Letter

If the apartment or property you rented periodically requests maintenance fees and covered all the expenses of renting a home, ask for the receipts from the administration. Furthermore, you must save and sign the receipts or promissory notes of the rent. These will serve as a guarantee to recover the deposit.


It's required to have covered all types of debt with the owner to ensure the deposit. If you didn't pay the rent or maintenance on time, you could lose it. Before signing and finalizing the rental contract, you should consult an expert on the steps to follow to avoid disagreements with the owner if you decide to move out of the property.

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