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Selling a property is tough in a competitive housing market, but there are things you can do to help your home stand out from the crowd. Attract potential buyers to view your property by boosting your curb appeal with these tips from Schutt Law Firm in Fort Myers.


If it’s within your budget, repainting can provide a whole new lease of life to the exterior of your home. If you do decide to repaint, make sure to opt for a neutral color as this is likely to appeal to the largest number of buyers. If repainting is outside your budget, hiring a power washer and thoroughly cleaning the outside of your home is a good alternative.

Fix up your front door

Your front door is likely to be the focal point of the exterior of your home, so make sure it draws buyers’ eyes by painting it an eye-catching shade and ensure it gives a good impression by polishing or replacing the knocker, letterbox and house numbers. 

Tend to your yard

If you have a front yard this can be either a great draw for buyers or a total turn-off, depending on how well it’s maintained. Take the time to prune your shrubbery and mow your lawn, and consider planting some flowerbeds or installing a water feature to really up your yard’s appeal.


Illuminating the exterior of your home can help it appear warm and inviting, and also creates a feeling of safety. If you have a porch make sure it’s lit, and consider installing some sconce lights either side of your front door. If you have a path leading up to your home, add some garden lights illuminating the way to capture buyers’ attention.

If you’re taking part in a real estate transaction, there are many reasons that securing the services of a title insurance agent is essential. No doubt you want to protect yourself from financial risk, so make sure you don’t run into issues with your new home’s deed by securing title insurance in Fort Myers with Schutt Law Firm. Call 239.540.7007 to get the best team in town.