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As a responsible homeowner, you have probably established a budget for decorating and restoring your future property. However, after the home inspection you may come across some unexpected surprises. For this reason at Schutt Law Firm in Fort Myers, we prepared the following post containing some of the most expensive home repairs.

The Roof

If the previous owner neglected to perform basic roof maintenance, it’s possible that this part of the building isn’t protecting the home as it should. A few missing or broken tiles can be easily repaired, however a more extensive damage may require more time and money. Some signs of this problem are holes in the roof and ceiling stains caused by leaks.


Water is a serious threat to any home, so make sure to check that the downspouts are directed away from the structure. Look for cracks in the interior and exterior of the property, especially in floor, tiles and moldings. Another sign of moisture problems are doors and windows that won’t open and close properly and uneven floors.

Electrical Wiring

The electrical issues in a home may be difficult to address, as the wiring is in unreachable places and handling it represents a threat when you are not an expert. However, a faulty installation increases the risk or homefire and electrical shock. You should be extra careful when you are visiting older houses and look for flickering lights and charred outlets. 

Having an inspection carried out by a professional is a crucial step during the home buying process, as it will allow you finding out the condition of the house and negotiate with the seller. Unfortunately, many buyers choose to skip this step to make their offer more attractive, which is a common home buying mistake

Remember that protecting your investment is also important to avoid future problems. If  you are looking for title insurance in Fort Myers, at Schutt Law Firm, we will be glad to provide your with everything you need for a successful closing. Call 239-540-7007 to learn more about our services.