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Sometimes the only money you consider when you’re putting your home on the market is the one you will be receiving. While thinking of your asking price, you can easily forget that selling a house costs money too. Sometimes the costs can be really high. Maybe you’ve considered some of the expenses, like the real estate agent’s commission, but there are many others you need to factor in. Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency in Fort Myers, FL has enlisted some of the costs you might’ve forgotten about and may catch you off guard, including title insurance.

Repairs and Renovations

You will have to do some fixing to get your home sold. The costs depend on how well you’ve kept up with your home maintenance. For some jobs, you will need to hire a contractor and you should better invest in a good one. If you get someone who does a sloppy job, all their mistakes will be found during the home inspection and you will have to pay some more to get them fixed properly. Go ahead and walk through your home and make a list of any problems you can see. Common problem areas can be rotted wood, chipped paint, or cracks in the ceiling and walls. These little issues are really important to your potential home buyers. In their eyes they might look like there’s a bigger issue going on underneath. When it comes to bigger repairs, a smarter choice would be to negotiate them into the final selling price. Just talk to your realtor for some tips and suggestions. As for renovations, tiny details like changing your lighting, getting new faucets, or a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home’s appeal. For more ideas, follow this list of simple renovations that can be great for your sale.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the buyers in case any problem regarding the home’s title or ownership arises. Usually the buyer is in charge of getting this insurance, but sometimes, as a seller, you might be required to pay for it… or at least part of it. The title insurance process begins before the sale is finalized. If there are any liens discovered on your home before the closing, you will have to be the one to pay for them before you can make the sell. Get one step ahead and start learning about title insurance in Fort Myers, FL. You can call Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency at (239) 540-7007 for any questions you may have about getting title insurance for your new or old home.

Curb Appeal

Did you know that working on your home’s curb appeal can raise your home’s value for up to 12%? All you need to do is some basic manual labor on your house’s front. You could invest on a full-on landscaping job. Paying someone to clean the area, make a garden design, and some planting can be expensive. Fortunately working on your curb appeal is something you can easily do on your own, in fact you could follow some of these tips to make your home’s exterior more appealing.


Your home staging can leave a big impression on potential buyers. You have the option to hire a professional to do it for you or do it on your own. A pro will declutter, decorate, and possibly refurnish your home after you move out. It can come out to be a very expensive service, but well worth it if you need to sell soon.  As for doing it on your own, consider buying new lamps or decorative items to make your place look better.  A new doormat, fresh flowers, or new towels on the bathroom are definitely a must.


You might think that there’s no point in paying for utilities if you’re not going to be living in that place anymore. In order to make the sale , you are going to be showing the house to many strangers.  No one wants to walk in to a dark or hot place with no air conditioner.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is not an obligation, but the buyer will possibly ask for it to feel secure about their purchase. The warranty covers any repairs to appliances or main systems within the house in case of damage. It’s a service that lasts for the first year of ownership.


Have you thought about moving all your possessions to your new house? You need to get boxes and materials to safely pack your belongings. You will have to pay the movers to transport everything, or at least pay for your friends’ gas and dinner (if they are helping you). You can read this article to find ways to make your move easier.

Title Insurance in Fort Myers

Whether you’re buying title insurance per the buyer’s request or if you need it for your new house, Schutt Law-Title Insurance Agency has you covered. All you need to do is give them a call at (239) 540-7007  to get the title insurance process started.