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Protect Your Investment With Title Insurance in Villas

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times in everybody’s lives, and with all the excitement and emotion it can be easy to forget smaller details or important parts or due diligence that can have a serious negative effect on the future enjoyment and ownership your potential new home For this post, Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency has some information to share with you about the benefits of title insurance in Villas, the extensive level of coverage and provides, and how easy it is to obtain and keep yourself and our property’s title protected.


If you haven’t heard what a lien is, then you’re reading the right article. When an application for credit is made, or the title of the property is used as security against a loan or agreement, an official notice is recorded against the title of the property. Below is some information on just a few of the different types of liens that can be placed the title of a property, and how you can protect yourself in the event that one of these should arise.


One of the most common of all the liens are those placed by the IRS or other government agencies. When large amounts of tax debt is owed, homeowners may negotiate a payment plan to repay outstanding monies. In these instances, the negotiations usually require an extensive amount of paperwork and substantiation of the ability to repay the debt. If this isn’t able to be provided, the a lien is placed against the title. In the event that the agreed repayments cease to be made against the debt, the IRS can move for an immediate foreclosure of your home. Protecting yourself against these types of liens is simple and easier than you may think. To learn more or if you have any questions about what you have read so far, speak with Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency on 239.540.7007. Let us use our extensive knowledge in protecting numerous smart home buyers such as yourself to provide you even more information about how we can help you protect your investment.

Creditor's Lien

Do you remember the last time that you applied for a large amount of credit, and one of the options of security was to provide a property title? If a homeowners selects yes during this credit application, then it’s likely a creditor’s lien has been placed against the title. Similar to IRS liens, should payments cease to be made against a financial agreement, then the creditor listed has full legal right to request and complete foreclosure of your home, with the sale price set only to recover owed funds. Whilst you will receive any funds that are remaining, they are not always equal to the full value of your home. Unlike the IRS lien that we spoke about above however, in the event of creditor’s lien, action is usually left until the next organic transfer occurs, at which time any owed funds are recovered prior to you receiving any funds.

Missing Heirs

One of the hardest thing to know about the previous transfer of a home's title are the specific details involved in each transfer and the persons involved. This is where a thorough title search in Villas comes in. In events where a transfer has occurred without notification being sent to all involved parties, then a risk exists for that heir to return and raise claim to their portion of the property or the sale. Not only do these circumstances have the serious potential to void the ownership of your property, the legal fees involved in defending your ownership can be costly. Coverage against situations such as these are best protected by title insurance in target.

Extensive Title Insurance in Villas

With the complexities of transferring a property’s title, these are just some of the many issues that can arise once the sale of a title has completed. More so, protection against these and many other incidents that can affect the ownership of your home is only available prior to the settlement of your future home. Once the papers have been signed, you're on your own. If you are just starting the process of purchasing a home or even if you are about to close, make the smart choice and speak with Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency on 239.540.7007. With so many more benefits to title insurance in Villas, our trained and experienced title agents are able to answer any questions you may have about title insurance in Villas.