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Open houses may seem a bit dated, but they still offer a great way to get your home noticed by potential buyers. To host a successful open house, check out these tips.

How to Host a Successful Open House

If your home has been on the market for a while, you probably already know how time consuming the selling process is. If it feels like it's dragging on forever, an open house may be able to speed things along. During an open house, many potential buyers can see your home during hours set by you, so it's a great option for all. To host a successful open house, check out these tips.

What Is an Open House?

An open house is basically an event when you, the home seller, open up your home to multiple interested buyers. Instead of setting up appointments and getting your home ready before every showing, an open house allows you to pick a day and set some hours during which interested buyers can show up and check out the house. Not only does this save you time and reduce the stress of scheduling appointments, it can also benefit you in another way. If you tell potential buyers that there is tons of interest in your home, they may not believe you and may think this is just a selling tactic. However, if they show up to your own house and see that they do have quite a bit of competition, they will make an offer more quickly. To make your open house a success, use he following tips.

Prepare a Property Description Sheet

Potential buyers who show up to your open house already have an interest in your home, but this doesn't mean they know everything about it. They may have some basic questions regarding things like square footage or special features. To avoid having to answer these questions 500 times during your open house, create a property description sheet that you can hand out to buyers as they arrive. This sheet should include basic information like the property address, the asking price, a brief description, the number of bedroom, the number of bathrooms, included appliances, square footage, your contact information, and anything else that is relevant.  Have copies of this sheet ready to hand out to buyers and be prepared to answer more specific questions.

Advertise Your Event

If you want people to show up to your open house, you have to let them know it's happening. You can use multiple advertising methods to get the word out, from traditional methods to newer methods. Traditional methods include posting a sign in your yard, posting flyers around town, and word of mouth. Newer methods you can use include posting online flyers in real estate forums or on social media. Using a combination of methods will ensure you reach a larger audience. Don't forget to ask your friends to share your social media posts or to pass on the information to their own friends for a wider reach.

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Prepare Your Home

As you prepare for your open house, don't forget to also prepare your home to impress, after all, that's what the buyers are there to see. If you've hosted home showings before, use the same approach that you used to prepare your home then. This means deep cleaning, decluttering, and staging. It may help to check out some interiors magazines or blogs to get some inspiration. Don't forget to take out the trash, make the beds, and wash your dishes before any of your guests arrive.

Greet Your Guests

Now that your home is ready, it's time to wait for your guests to show up. As you wait, get into host mode. Be prepared to greet your guests as the door and have some snacks and beverages ready to welcome them. You can offer to show your guests around and answer their questions. Do your best to make them feel comfortable and at home. It's always a good idea to ask for feedback just in case you need to host another open house in the future.

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