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Selling your home doesn’t need to be a long and difficult task. Most of the time it’s the seller that makes the task harder because they make some very common selling mistakes. By avoiding these mistakes, their selling experience will go by much more smoothly and successfully. Schutt Law has created this post for you to know the do’s and don’ts of selling your home in Fort Myers.

Don’t Sell If You Aren’t Ready

Perhaps the idea of selling your house came on a whim. Sit down and really evaluate the reasons why you are selling. It’s a very emotional process, there are many memories surrounding your home, and it’s tough to make a decision. If you do decide to sell, make sure it’s for the right reasons and that you can actually afford the new place you’re hoping to purchase. After you’ve made the decision to sell, try to put aside your feelings and see it as a business transaction. Many times we let our emotions cloud our mind, preventing us from making the right decisions. Think of how happy the new buyer will be in their new place.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Realtor

It’s really important to have the right help on your side. A good realtor is one who knows the market area, has a good reputation, knows how to negotiate, and looks out for you. Don’t just pick the first one you meet, ask around. Avoid working with family or close friends unless they are extremely good at it. If trouble arises you don’t want it to affect your relationships. You are paying for their service, so it better be good.

Don’t Overprice

This is a sure way to actually get less than what you planned for. If your home price is higher than similar homes around the neighborhood, less buyers will even consider it. The ones that do will just be looking for something that makes your house better than the rest. If they can’t find that, you won’t be selling your home. Also, when a house has been on the market for long it generates less interest and people think there’s actually something wrong with it. In the long run, you’d be forced to sell it for less than the real value.

Don’t Be Dishonest

Disclosure is something that should always be on your mind when making a sale. It’s very important to let the buyer know any potential defect or background story before the sale is completed. Either way. they’ll find out about it when they have the house inspected. It's better to be honest from the beginning and avoid potential lawsuits. Think of how you’d like to be treated if you were the buyer.

Don’t Be Close-minded

Don’t immediately say no after receiving a low ball offer for your home, you will be closing a door on a possible negotiation opportunity. If a buyer asks for the sellers concessions, don’t discard them right away. Some buyers do require them to make a purchase.  Always review purchase offers with an open mind, consider the positives and the negatives before you come to a decision. Be sure to look into title insurance when you are in the process of selling your home. Title insurance protects you as a seller from possible legal problems after a sale. If you are looking for title insurance in Fort Myers, Schutt Law can help you out with that. Call them at:  (239) 540-7007 to learn more.

Do Make Small Renovations

It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to put more money into renovations when you are selling a house, but there are small cheap things you can do to make your home more appealing. From changing some light bulbs, to a fresh coat of paint, to replacing a faucet, many small changes that make your house look better increase its chances of being sold.

Do Clean and De-clutter

No one wants to go look at a house and be received with a mess. What they want is a clean and open space where they can eventually see themselves living. Before you show off your home, clean it thoroughly and put away excess clutter. People don’t want to see many appliances on the counter or your trophy collection.

Do Have Realistic Expectations

Don’t expect your home to sell just as soon as you list it, it takes time and patience. It’s very likely that your ideal price will not be met and that you will have to negotiate. Be realistic in what you’re expecting from this sale.

Do Be Generous With the Photos

Many people look for houses listed online and what convinces them to see them in person is usually the photos. You should upload many good quality photos that show off details that you consider beautiful in your home. Always use good lighting to make the rooms appear bigger. Use good descriptions of the place, but don’t go overboard with excessively detailed descriptions.

When You Need Title Insurance in Fort Myers

Call Schutt Law, they can help you and protect you as a seller or a buyer in Fort Myers. Call them at (239) 540-7007 to know more about the title insurance process.