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After a home inspection, how do you know if the home is worth the repairs needed? Below are some repairs that shouldn't change your opinion on the home.

Is It a Deal Breaker?

If you're looking for a new home, keep in mind that most homes aren't perfect. Homes with previous owners will always have at least a little bit of damage to them that will need to be repaired. The difference here is what type of damage it is and how much work will be needed to make the home comfortable and safe. After a home inspection, the damage found can leave room for negotiation, while other damages will be deal breakers. Below are some examples of home damages that shouldn't be considered a deal breakers but rather jumping off points for negotiations.

Mold in the Home

The presence of mold in a home can be a real turn off and, in some cases, cause for concern. If the home inspection has revealed that there is mold in some spaces in the home you're interested in, don't automatically change your mind on the home. Keep in mind that not all mold is toxic and it can oftentimes be cleaned up safely and without much hassle. There are some things you will have to consider before making this call. For example, a little mold in the shower is no biggie, but widespread mold that has caused serious damage will need to be looked at. Have a mold inspector check out the home and give you their professional opinion before deciding to move on to something else.

The Presence of Bugs

If a home has been uninhabited for a long period of times, expect some bugs and rodents. With that said, a few bugs may be nothing to worry about, especially if they aren't a full-blown infestation. Some bugs can potentially cause structural damage, so they will need to be exterminated in a timely manner in order to reduce their chances of causing real issues. If your home inspection report cites signs of bugs and rodents, have a qualified expert examine the foundation of the home for potentially serious issues. If there are real damages caused by critters, then you may need to decide if the home is worth the repairs.

Dangerous Paint

Lead-based paint used to be the norm, but it was outlawed in the late 70s because of the dangers it carried. Unfortunately, many homes still have this type of paint because, well, their paint job is old. The home seller should disclose this information from the get-go, but if they don't, the home inspector should catch this. If the paint does have lead in it, keep in mind that this isn't too hard to get rid of. Contact a contractor and ask for an estimate so that you can have a better idea of how much it will cost to remove this paint. Remember that you can use this information to negotiate a better deal for the home. Once you find the perfect home, protect your investment by purchasing title insurance in Gonzales. Schutt Law is happy to help you get started with a title inspection. Give them a call at (239) 540-7007 to learn more.

Cracks in the Cement

Cracks in cement floors can cause many homebuyers to worry about the foundation of the home, but they aren't always cause for concern. In fact, small cracks in the basement floor, for example, don't necessarily mean the foundation has issues. These hairline cracks are easy enough to fill in and forget about. Even hairline cracks on the foundation may not be a big deal, but get a contractor to check these out just to stay on the safe side.


Cosmetic repairs should be the least of your worries when looking at potential homes. If the paint color on the walls is less than ideal or the cabinets look dated, these are easy enough to change. They may be off-putting, but these issues aren't hard or even expensive to fix up. If they really bother you, you may even be able to get the home seller to negotiate the price of the home.

Dry Rot and Fungus

If there is dry rot or fungus on the exterior of the home, don't automatically move on to another home. This is actually quite common on the siding of most homes because they're exposed to all sorts of weather throughout the year. Keeping the siding and shingles painted will help combat this, so it's not too hard to prevent either. If the dry rot and fungus are in one area, this won't be hard to fix. However, if the entire home is affected, then there is more cause for concern.

Protect Your Investment With Title Insurance in Gonzales

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