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 It is is safe to say that it is best to get as much information as you can in order to decide whether to invest your money on a property or not. To that end, there are title searches, disclosure laws, and other researches that will give you a good idea of what the condition of the property is. Still, you don’t risk anything by just asking the seller/owner about some information you should know.

If you’d like to know what kind of questions you should ask an owner before purchasing a property, Schutt Law Firm, P.A. in Fort Myers will give you a few ideas in this post.

Questions to Ask the Seller

Ask About the Property’s History

You should know a little bit of what the property has gone through, from the year it was built, to its owners, its records, and more. By doing so, you’ll be able to learn about any litigations its been involved in, what’s been going on inside it, and more.

Investigate the Reason Why It’s on Sale

An important question to ask is “why is the property on sale?” This will not only provide some insight on the house’s situation, but it can also change its price, or may even help you decide if you should invest on it or not.

Learn About the Selling Process

The amount of time a property has been on sale, the amount of offers it has received, and other similar information, can be game changers in the real estate world. Again, this could lower the property’s price, or may give you an idea of the house’s condition.

Get to Know Its Condition

Speaking of the condition the property is in, it is necessary for you to learn how the house you’re interested in is doing. Ask about restorations they’ve done on it, areas that need fixing, and more. Moreover, make sure to get a home inspection with an inspector you trust.

Inquire About the Problems with the Property

Finally, be blunt and ask the seller/owner what the main problems with the property are. Are the neighbors noisy or annoying? Does the basement flood from time to time? This information could sway your decision, so don’t forget to ask about it.

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