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Advantages of Buying a Home Later in the Year

Summer is no doubt the high season for residential real estate activity. But if your timing as a potential homebuyer does not coincide with the traditional high season, do not despair-there are still excellent opportunities out there year round. In fact, buying a home in the fall or winter seasons can mean the buyer has some advantages. What are they? Read below to find out.

Houses Last Longer on the Market

In the fall and winter months, homes for sale tend to sit longer. On average, they take about 12-13 days longer to sell, which means as a buyer you probably won't be under pressure to make a decision immediately.

Sale Less Seller Oriented

In the high season, sales move quickly, and sellers are likely to receive multiple bids on their homes. This provides them with all the leverage, and allows them to ask that the buyers make concessions that are not in their best interest. When the market is calmer, buyers will find that this is no longer the case. For example, a buyer is much less likely to have to waive a home inspection in order to win a bidding war. This way, the purchase and life altering investment of buying a house can be carried out with more peace of mind.

Money not the Only Factor

The reality is that many of those who sell a home in the off-season do so out of necessity, due to a career change or other similar circumstances. As a result, there is more to consider than just getting the absolute best price for their home. This can help a buyer reach a fair agreement and a price that is perfectly in line with the market.

Title Insurance in Fort Myers, Florida

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