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How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Open House

Have you been struggling to sell your home for some time? Are you at a loss as to why you haven’t been able to sell? An open house can be a brilliant way to generate some interest in your property and get the offers rolling it. Events like this can be quite a lot of work, so how do you make the most of your time and effort and ensure that your open house event is successful this summer? It can be difficult to know where to start, but luckily the experts at Schutt Law – Title Insurance Agency have put together this great guide to help you make the most of your summer open house.

Advertise and Get Potential Buyers Through the Door

Advertising your open house is essential so that as many people hear about it as possible. The more feet through the door, the higher the chance of someone making an offer. The internet is a fantastic way to reach a lot of people without having to invest too much time or money. Speak to your real estate agent about their online resources, and consider advertising your open house on free websites that advertise properties for sale. The more information you include, the more likely that people looking to buy will make the effort and take the time to attend an open house event. Remember to include as many photos as possible. These should be high-quality and should clearly show all of the major rooms in your home, as well as any additional features such as gardens or terraces. You can also advertise your open house event in the local newspaper. On the day, you can string up balloons or put up other decorations to alert passers-by to the fact that there is a special event taking place. You never know who might be a potential buyer for your property. So, the more people you invite to the event, the better. Serious buyers will want serious protection for the investment, which means title insurance in Fort Myers. Before you start to receive offers, speak with Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency at 239 540 7007 to obtain a title search of your title. If any concerns arise, clear them immediately so as not to turn off potential buyers

Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

It’s important to ensure that all areas of your property look their absolute best to maximize its selling potential. Often, sellers fail to pay attention to the exterior of their home and may lose out on offers due to the lack of ‘curb appeal’. Make sure that your property looks great from all angles by identifying and correcting ‘areas for improvement.' Painted areas such as doors, window frames or even walls should be updated and re-painted. You should also give some love to the front garden or patio. If you have a lawn that’s seen better days, try covering it with new turf. You can buy this in rolls. It is not expensive and will leave your lawn looking fresh and attractive. Add brightly colored flowering plants to show off your front garden to the maximum.

Inside Your Home

When preparing your home for the open house, remember that the idea is to show each room off to its greatest potential. Put unnecessary personal items and furniture into storage. This will help to make rooms seem more spacious and ‘neutral’, which helps potential buyers to envisage themselves living there. This helps them to form an emotional connection with the property, which in turn encourages them to put in an offer. On the day of the open house, make sure that your property is spotlessly clean, paying special attention to bathrooms and kitchens. Stylish touches such as freshly cut flowers in the living room and soft lighting in the bedroom will make your property stand out from the rest. Make your visitors feel comfortable and welcome by offering snacks and refreshments. If the weather is hot outside, try offering refreshing drinks such as iced water with slices of cucumber, or home-made lemonade.

Finance Applications Mean Title Insurance in Fort Myers

If your potential buyers are using finance to purchase their home, their lender will require a title search and subsequent title insurance in Fort Myers. Before buyers perform this check, speak with Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency at 239 540 7007 and get a check of your own. If there are any concerns that are reported, be sure to address them immediately so that you can present clear ownership over the title of your home. The last thing that you want is to receive an offer, and then have it taken back because their finance wasn't approved because of a title discrepancy.