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The movers will be the ones doing all the heavy lifting next time you move somewhere new. You can make their job easier  and the move less stressful by following these tips. Moving certainly is very stressful, as if finding a house wasn’t enough. Moving requires downsizing,  many boxes, and a whole lot of running around. Although you do a lot of the job by packing all your stuff, the movers are the ones left with all the heavy lifting. Just think of all the houses they move in a single week, wouldn’t it be nice if you could give them a hand? You can help them out and not necessarily by carrying boxes, Schutt Law-Title Insurance Agency brings you this list of things you can do to make your movers’ job in Fort Myers, FL easier and more efficient.

Have Your Stuff Ready

The movers have a schedule to maintain, they probably have another home they need to get to later that day. You should have everything packed, taped, and labeled, basically, everything must be ready an hour before the movers are scheduled to arrive. They should be able to cross the door and get down to work immediately and not stand there waiting for you to finish up. Also, if you’re paying by the hour, all that extra wasted time raises your bill.

Keep Your Valuables by Your Side

If there’s anything important you’re going to be using soon, don’t pack it! Daily or emergency medication, jewelry, important documents, passports, cash, and other valuables should be kept with you. Don't make the mistake of packing them and then in a panic stop the movers to retrieve them from their packed and sealed box. Get a lockable case or a clear plastic bag and bring it with you on moving day. Your title insurance papers for your new home should be in that box. Don’t have title insurance yet? Don’t way to long before getting your title insurance process started. Call Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency, the most reliable agency in Fort Myers, at (239) 540-7007 to purchase your policy.

Pack Carefully

Sometimes you just want to be done with packing so you just throw random stuff into different boxes, use a bit of tape and you’re done. Packing can be very overwhelming, but part of a smooth move to a new home is to be a careful packer. You should clearly label the contents of each box, especially if they’re fragile. The movers will try to take care of your stuff, but they’re not to blame if something happens because you did a shoddy packing job. Protect your glasses and crystal ware with paper or bubble wrap to keep them safe in their boxes. Use bubble wrap around sharp objects so they don’t cut through the box and harm someone. Don’t forget to label everything, go crazy with labels if you wish. Check out this article for more packing tips.

Keep Your Children and Pets Out of the Way

Movers might enjoy the presence of children and pets in their free time, but they certainly don’t appreciate it when they’re running around amid boxes and moving furniture. It’s dangerous for everyone involved. Keep you kids away from rooms with high traffic, or better yet, organize a play date at their friend’s house. As for your pets, ask a friend to take care of them for the day or keep them in there kennel. Pets are much more sensitive to strangers and loud noises, so a move can be even more stressful for them.

Respect the Price

When you hired your moving company you were already aware of the costs for their services. A successful move takes preparation and premeditation, all the conditions of the movers’ service is established on the contract you already signed. If you were going to negotiate the price, you should’ve done so before the movers arrived not when they got to your house.

Don’t Hover

The movers know what they are doing. They know they must lift with their knees and they can read if a box is labeled “FRAGILE”. They don’t need you hovering over their every move, telling them what to do. Trust that you have made a good choice by hiring their moving company and that your belongings will arrive safely. If you feel anxious, label everything in extreme detail before the movers arrive.

Be Available

The movers will need your signature before they can start their engines and leave to take your belongings to your new place or storage area. Without your signature they can’t move the truck If you have anywhere else to be or errands to run, be sure there’s an adult left at home to sign the paperwork.

Before Your Move, Purchase Your Title Insurance in Fort Myers, FL

Right after your offer has been accepted you need to call Schutt Law-Title Insurance Agency to purchase your title insurance policy. After you get your policy, call your movers and get ready to live in your new home. To start your title insurance process just call (239) 540-7007.