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Foundational problems are some of the worst nightmares when it comes to home repairs. When searching for a new home, be sure to give the foundation a good, thorough inspection; you don’t want to buy a house with existing issues. To help, the real estate experts at Schutt Law Firm, P.A. in Fort Myers have made a quick list for what to check in a home’s foundation before you consider making an offer.

Awkward Doors and Windows

When a new house is built, doors and windows will almost always open and close with ease. After the foundation begins to settle, the house will move a little. If there are doors that don’t latch anymore, windows that are hard to open/close, or jammed doors, there is a pretty good chance the foundation is moving


Since concrete shrinks just a little bit, some cracks will be natural, so don’t worry if there is some spider webbing or cracks in the mortar or joints. If you see horizontal and/or meandering cracks, that is a bad sign. It typically means the soil in the area will expand and contract due to the moisture. If such cracks are discovered and fixed correctly, it can prevent the need to replace parts of the foundation completely. If the cracks are too far gone, the only solution is replacement; which costs a lot of money.


There are bound to be some gaps here and there, but typically they should be small. If the basement has visible moisture build up from the outside, there is probably an issue with the foundation. If the problem is found soon enough, like improving the drainage away from the home for example, it won’t likely become serious in the future; if it is left unattended to, it could mean big construction.

Once you have found the right home, don’t let your hard work and valuable time invested go to waste, protect your investment the best way possible. For professional real estate advice and title insurance in Fort Meyers call 239.540.7007 today and we’ll take care of you.