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We here at Schutt Law Firm in Fort Myers previously talked to you about how to boost your curb appeal, which is a simple and effective way to make your property noticeable. However, the interior of your home is also crucial, as creating a unique experience for potential buyers will allow them envision their lives in their new home. That’s why we created the following post containing useful tips to stage your home for sale.  


Your home will need to be spotless while you show it to potential buyers. Make sure to clean each section of your house and pay special attention to your kitchen and bathroom, as they are prone to keep lingering odors and you should remove them before spraying air fresheners. Also, consider hiring professional cleaners to remove any stains from your carpet, and don’t forget to clean your windows. 


Removing personal items like family photos or diplomas is the first step towards depersonalizing your home. The main goal of home staging is creating a neural space that allows buyers focus on the property, instead of your personal traits. Go through each room and select those objects that you will donate, store or discard. 


Don’t forget to open every curtain and turn on every light fixture while there’s a prospective buyer in your property. This will create a warmth and inviting environment, plus it will allow them look at every detail in your home. 

These simple ideas will create a unique and compelling environment in your home and it doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that small details can make a huge difference during the selling process and you can be sure sellers will notice them. 

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