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Whether you're looking for a new home or are planning to put yours on the market, there are some deal breakers to look out for. Not sure what they are? This post can help!

The Most Common Home Buying Deal Breakers

Most home buyers have a pretty clear idea of what they want in a home, but many may not stop to consider what aspects can be deal breakers. In reality, some deal breakers may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but upon further review, they can end up being a nightmare. To avoid these issues, check out this list of common deal breakers.

Issues With the Roof

By just looking at a home you can tell that the roof is not a small detail. It covers a large surface area and it needs to be in great condition in order to prevent further issues. Unfortunately, a new roof can be quite pricey. Because of all of this, a roof that is in bad condition can be considered a deal breaker. A few missing shingles or small patches that need repairs can be worked with, but a roof that needs to be replaced will set you back quite a bit. On top of that, a roof that has been in bad condition for a while can also mean there are more issues to deal with, such as leaks and rodents.

Plumbing Problems

Although you may not think about your home's plumbing system if ever, it's important to note that it won't last forever. Age, bad installation, and other factors can lead to a faulty plumbing system. While this may not seem like a huge deal, faulty plumbing can lead to leaks, flooding, structural damage, and other serious problems for your home. It can be hard to see the exact condition of the pipes in the home, but looking out for signs of issues, such as leaks and slow faucets, can be signs of a problem. To avoid the issues that come with plumbing problems, including the price of fixing the plumbing system, look for a home that has been maintained better.

Living in a Flood Zone

Similarly to the point above, living in a flood zone can lead to issues in your home. If you've never had to deal with flooding, you may not realize how serious the damage can be to the structure of your home and to the contents of your home. Along with that, you may find you're constantly stressed during the rainy season as you anticipate the worst every time it rains. Of course, there's also flood insurance to worry about. When living in a flood zone, your flood insurance payments will be more pricey because of the serious risks of major flooding and damage. If you're shopping for a new home during the dry season, be sure to ask about the other seasons of the year just to be sure the home is in a good location. Finding the perfect home can take quite a while, so don't let your efforts go to waste. Be sure title insurance in Fort Myers is part of your deal at closing. With title insurance, you can be sure your investment will be protected. To get all of your title insurance questions answered, contact Schutt Law at (239) 540-7007.

Mold in the Home

Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also lead to serious issues for your health and your home. If you or someone in your family already has respiratory issues, mold can make these worse. On top of that, it also carries bad odors and can make your home look dirty and uninviting. Mold doesn't just appear for no reason either. It is usually the result of leaks, flooding, water damage, or other moisture issues in the home. In some cases, it can be tough to get rid of, which can cause structural damage that will need to be taken care of. If it tends to come back, you're better off looking at other homes.

Pests Living in the Home

Small pests in the home may seem like a small issue that is easy to resolve, but that isn't always the case. Whether they're termites, rats, or roaches, take them seriously and consider why they're present. If it's because of where the home is located or another factor you can't control, then they may always be a nuisance. If they've been allowed to live in the home freely for a while, they may have already caused some structural damage. Before deciding it's no big deal, check the home thoroughly for damage or move on to another option.

Get Title Insurance in Fort Myers

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