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How to Know You Found The One When You Are Looking For a House

It’s time for you to take that big step of buying a home. You’ll probably look at many options before you find on that fits your needs.  Your real estate agent can't force you to buy a house, your friends can't make that decision for you, and you definitely won’t find a sign outside of the house that says “I’m the One”, but if you follow these house hunting tips by Schutt Law you’ll find it easier to know if you found your ideal home. Once you do, don’t forget to get title insurance to make sure you are buying a safe investment.

You Feel You Need to Go Inside

You come up to the street where the house is located, not even knowing which house it is and you are immediately struck by one, turns out it the one you are visiting. Feeling the pull to go inside like love at first sight, is a good sign.

You Feel at Home

When you go inside the house you feel like it’s already home. The house feels comfortable and cozy. The first feeling you have when you go inside a place says a lot, you wouldn’t want to live in a place that feels cold and gives you an uncomfortable vibe.

 You Feel Possessive

You haven’t even finished touring the house when you already start feeling possessive about it. You find it a personal offense when the agent mentions a flaw in the house. Immediately you jump up to defend it, because to you it looks and feels perfect.

Even the Bathroom Suits You

There is this weird feeling people get that tells you that place is no right for you: you don’t feel right stepping into the bathroom. The sole idea of walking barefoot on that floor gives you the creeps, so you just peek you head in. On the other hand, if you actually go inside, open the shower curtain, touch the surfaces and feel like you could shower comfortably there, that house might be the one.

You Are Decorating it in Your Mind

As you step into each room, you start to picture where you would place every piece of furniture you own, where you’d hang your favorite painting. You imagine you and your family spending Christmas there, along with the smells that would be coming from the kitchen and where you’d place the tree.  The perfect color for each wall has already been decided, and you are already calculating how much paint you would need. You can actually see yourself living and planning a future in that house. Now that you are actually thinking of a future in that house, you better be protected. You need to look into title insurance to make sure there won't be any future legal problems once you buy it. Schutt Law can be you companions during the title insurance process. Call them at: (239) 540-7007 to know more about it.

It Has What You Need

The house has almost everything you’re looking for in a home, or at least the most important features. You know you can probably fix or add the other things you need in the future. If the features it has are superior to the ones it doesn’t, why overthink it?

You Feel You Can Stop Looking

If you saw a house that enchanted you and looking at more options isn’t appealing to you anymore or you find yourself comparing every other house to “that one”, you’ve made your choice already.

You Plan Your Housewarming Party

You are looking around the house and you take some photos to send to you friends, not because you want their opinion but because you want to show it off. You haven’t bought the house, but you’re already inviting them to visit for a housewarming party.

You Feel the Need to Buy It

No matter what you do, you can’t stop thinking about making and offer. The house feels perfect for you. You probably do get a little bit of cold feet, but it’s nothing a good night’s sleep won’t fix. The need to make the purchase is great.

For Title Insurance

Hopefully you decided you found the right home. Get title insurance for your new real estate. Call Schutt Law at:(239) 540-7007 to understand what the title insurance process entails and why you should definitely get it before making the big purchase.