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It’s no secret that the homebuying process is very demanding and you should look after every detail to prevent any potential problems. However, it’s very easy to relax towards the end of the transaction and neglect the final walk through, which it’s also very important. For this reason at Schutt Law Firm in Fort Myers, we would like to tell you more about this small but important step. 

Is it an Inspection?

The final walk-through takes place before signing the closing and by this point a thorough inspection should have been carried out by a professional. Keep in mind that should ask your real estate agent to schedule it and be sure to bring your contract. 

Create a Checklist

There are many details that you have to look out for and having a checklist will make everything easier. Some of the things you should inspect are: the appliances, toilets, light fixtures, doors and windows, HVAC unit, water faucets, walls and floors and agreed-upon repairs. Remember that this step takes about 45 minutes. 

If you find any Trouble?

In case you notice certain problem, you should tell your real estate agent. This way you will be able to negotiate with the seller any uncompleted repairs or damage. Keep in mind that sometimes the restoration may be too expensive or difficult to fix and walking away from the deal may be the right choice. 

Many sellers tend to forget about this simple step and skipping it can have many unfortunate consequences, as you will have to cover for any repairs that weren’t in your budget. Also, remember that the move in will also require enough planning to avoid adding extra stress to the process, so be sure to read our guide on this topic. 

For Title Insurance in Fort Myers

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