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During the home selling process, you definitely want that your home stands out for the right reasons. However, most sellers seem to focus on the the bigger features, which is great, but there is one little detail that can ruin their effort: odors. For this reason at Schutt Law Firm in Fort Myers, we would like to share the following post containing useful advice on this small but important topic.  

The Kitchen

There are many odors that concentrate in your kitchen and you have to pay special attention to this area. It would be advisable that you stop cooking pungent foods at least two weeks before you start showing your property and simmer cinnamon sticks and cloves in water for a few minutes to remove any odors. Remember to wash your refrigerator and discard moldy foods. Also, clean your trash cans and take your garbage outside. 

Bedroom & Living Room

You should remove as much dust as you can, as these areas collect many particles that will make them look untidy, and don’t forget to beat your rugs and cushions. Calling the professional carpet cleaners is also a good idea. If you have companion animals, make sure to restrict their access to these areas and take them to a relative’s house when you show your property. 

The Bathroom

Keep in mind that potential buyers will inspect every corner of your home and this includes the bathroom. Look for any mold growing on the tiles and use a water and bleach solution to remove it. Wash and clean your towels and rugs and fix any leaks to prevent water damage. 

Odors in your home will also distract potential buyers, as they may think that removing those unwanted smells will cost extra money. Dealing with unpleasant smells is only a small part of depersonalizing your property, so be sure to read our guide on home staging for further advice.  

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