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How to Make a Successful Bid on Your Dream Home

Finding your ideal home in Cape Coral can be a long and, often stressful, process. Saving for a deposit can take a number of years, after which comes the search for the best piece of real estate. You may have looked at dozens of properties and invested a lot of time and effort before settling on your favorite. Wouldn’t it be devastating to reach this point, only to lose your dream house to another bidder? Unfortunately, this happens all-too-often, and many buyers end up having to begin their search all over again. If you’ve managed to find your ideal property, only to realize that it’s another buyer’s dream home too, Schutt Law - Title Insurance Agency has put together this useful guide to help you beat the competition.

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

The Real Estate market is a cut-throat world. Time is money. Sellers don’t want to be waiting around for you to be sorting out your finances before the sale can go through. If another buyer comes along who is already in a position to make a serious offer, you could lose out on that special property you’ve been looking for just because of not getting organized. Before you even begin the process of viewing properties and identifying your ideal home, you should speak to your bank or mortgage lender to ensure that you’ve got solid confirmation of the amount and rates that they are willing to provide. Ask your mortgage provider to confirm their offer in writing, so that you have something concrete to show to the seller. They will have more confidence in your ability to meet the asking price if you have an official document to back you up.

Be Bid-Savvy

Before making an offer on any property, you should take a look at similar properties in the area and compare the asking prices. You should discuss bidding strategies with an expert, such as your Real Estate agent as putting in an offer too low could be insulting to the seller and discourage them from entering into further negotiations with you, while going in too high could lose you money. Property values can be estimated using an online calculator. Before settling on a price, don’t forget to research the title to the property and look at obtaining title insurance in Cape Coral. Call Schutt Law – Title Insurance Agency at 239 540 7007 today to find out more.

Make it Easy For Them

Real estate negotiations can move fast and if you’re unavailable or their agent can’t get hold of you, it can put sellers and their agents off. Make sure to provide various contact numbers – work, home, cell phone, etc., and make it clear to your agent that you are happy to be contacted at any hour of the day for anything related to your home-buying process. Respond as soon as possible to any email communications, and if you are sent documents to sign don’t wait a few days and then send them in the regular mail – signing within 24 hours and sending the documents back by courier will help speed-up the legal process and reduce the likelihood of complications.

Try a Personal Touch

When you meet the seller of the property that you want to purchase for the first time, it’s important to try and make a good impression and build a rapport with them. People can become very sentimentally attached to their homes, and if they feel that you are a good ‘fit’ for the place, it will make them less likely to entertain offers from other interested parties. Find out about the buyer’s story and explain yours to them – they more they know about you, the easier it will be for them to identify with you. For example, if you’re looking for a family home, show them some photos of your children. A retirement apartment for your parents? Tell them the romantic story of how they met 65 years ago.

Safeguard Future Ownership Rights with Title Insurance in Cape Coral

It is important to investigate the property’s title history and identify any errors, such as clerical errors, fraud or inheritance issues before entering into any contract. Speak to the experts at Schutt Law – Title Insurance Agency now at 239 540 7007 find out more about their low-rates for title insurance in Cape Coral. Don’t go through the whole long, stressful home-buying process and lose out on your dream home due to someone else’s error. Protect your investment today, with title insurance in Cape Coral.