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When selling a house, it feels like a waste of money to repair what’s broken or what looks bad. Let the new owners do it! Doing a few repairs doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and change everything you didn’t while you were living there. However, there are a few home repairs you should do before you can make the sale. Those minor renovations can mean the world when the time comes to sell the place. Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency created this list of the most necessary repairs you should do at home prior to your big sale in Cape Coral.

Home Renovation Tips Prior to a Sale in Cape Coral

Before you Begin

There are so many materials in the market for DIY home repair. So how should you decide which projects you should go for? A great way is to make a market survey. Look at other homes around you neighborhood and are, compare what those houses have that your home doesn’t. That will give you an idea of what you should change. You should also have a serious talk with your real estate agent for advice on home renovations that are necessary and fit your budget.

Fix the Floors

Hard wood floors are really popular right now, but for a long time carpets reigned over the flooring market. Why wouldn’t they? They can change a room’s whole look and installing them is relatively inexpensive. Another option to hardwood floors is plywood, also a cheaper option. Whichever your flooring may be, if there are ways to improve it, you should definitely do it.
  • Carpeting: If your floors are not really attractive and you want the place to look different, install some carpets in light tan colors. Neutral colors are better for selling houses. If you already have carpets, hire a professional carpet cleaner to get them clean for the new owners.
  • Hardwood floors: If your house has hardwood floors underneath your carpets, you’d be very smart if you remove the carpeting. Hardwood floors are a hot commodity in the real estate market today.
  • Ceramic: Don’t even think about installing ceramic tiling in your whole house, it’s too expensive. However, you should replace chipped or cracked tiles. Replace or clean the grout as well. If you are considering getting new tiling, do it only in a small area and just for aesthetic reasons.
Doing some light repairs before selling a house can prove to be really beneficial, and so is getting title insurance for the place. Title insurance assures that the property’s title is marketable and it also protects you as a seller by establishing some warranties. To learn more about the benefits of getting title insurance in Cape Coral call Schutt Law- Title Insurance Agency at (239) 540-7007.

Walls and Ceiling

An obvious instant makeover is changing the color of the walls. But you can’t even imagine how important it is to paint the ceiling too. Buyers constantly check the ceilings for leaks, water stains, cracks, or grease and smoke stains. A fresh layer of paint can be a great improvement, not to mention a very cost effective one too. Before you paint, use fiberglass tape or plaster to cover any big cracks on the walls and ceilings. Again, go for a very neutral and light color that can match the new owner’s style.
  • Textured walls and ceilings: some textured walls and ceilings contain asbestos, which can be a health hazard. Many buyers prefer plain over texture, there are more possibilities to work with it. It’s not difficult to remove texture, but it is time consuming and it does require a fresh coat of paint afterwards.
  • Wallpaper: wallpaper is a very personal choice. You may not like the one someone else chooses because it’s not your style. Consider that when fixing your home. If you have wallpaper right now, you should get rid of it, especially if it’s outdated. To remove it, all you need is a cheap wallpaper remover steamer.
  • Wood paneling: wood paneling is not a very modern option, so it’s probable that not everyone appreciates it. Good news is that it can be painted over. If you have real wood paneling don’t forget you have to prime it and get it ready for the paint.

Kitchen Changes

Changing the kitchen appliances and cabinets is definitely something you should avoid, it can turn out to be a very expensive renovation. If the cabinets are really old and unattractive, you can go for the resurfacing option. A thin veneer is attached to the surface, or you can also paint them if they can be painted. A quick an inexpensive renovation is changing your faucets. Sparkly new faucets will make your sink look so much better. Kitchen remodeling brings nearly a 100% return.

Learn About Title Insurance in Cape Coral

As a seller, and of course, a buyer title insurance protects you. You probably will be moving into a new place after you sell your house, so you should look into getting title insuranceSchutt Law- Title Insurance Agency has your back, simply call them at: (239) 540-7007.